Nov 2, 2020

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Why is Interaction design important?

A meaningful user interaction design or IxD , paves the way for a customer’s journey to and from your website.

A meaningful user interaction design or IxD , paves the way for a customer’s journey to and from your website. Completely satisfying user experience is greatly dependent on wonderful interaction design. This, in turn, depends on, designing and working on every element on the screen that the user may click, tap, swipe or use to gain a meaningful experience or some input.

Simple, useful products that provide an effortless experience are the need of the hour. Whatever are the touchpoints that the consumers need to interact with you and your system, if strategically designed will provide you with the desired outcome with which you designed the system. Such is the value and importance of Interaction design. Below we explore the various reasons that provide thumbs up towards the importance of interaction design.

  1. Helps to identify and work upon customer touchpoints- When you design your product with a specific user outcome in mind, identifying the user’s touchpoints or the various points of contact become essential. Each time a customer or a user picks up their phone to log onto your website to order something or to get some information, or use social media to post their comments or feedback, they are interacting with you. The experience they have interacting with your product online will affect their purchase decisions next time. Good interaction design can help you locate these customer interaction points. It will allow you to control such interactions to get your desired outcome.
  2. To leave the users with a ‘wow’ experience-In today’s rapidly changing digital environment, users are flooded with terabytes of information within seconds. Statistics reveal that it takes an average user just 8 seconds to decide which page to go to while searching for information or googling results. You have just 8 seconds to hold your reader or user’s attention and interest. Your users are not just looking for information or services-there are thousands of other products and services present online to help them with that. The users need to get that ‘wow’ factor that keeps them delighted with each interaction with your product. A great interaction design does just that-it is what differentiates an ordinary experience with a spectacular experience.
  3. To provide a better user experience- Searching information online is an important function that every user performs online. You can tap in on this potential of users to search information on your website or by using your product to convert them into important customers. This can be easily done when once your interaction design system is in place and caters to the needs of the user. Providing product functionality with enhanced interaction adds to a better and enriched user experience. If the user will remember the good experience he had while interacting with your digital product or service, he will not only talk about it but also return as a customer now.
  4. An integral part of good UX design- As per the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), Interaction Design (IxD) defines an interactive system’s structure and behavior. Once a design system has become interactive, it can assist in creating a useful and reliable UX design system. This can help to create relationships that are meaningful between products and services and the people that use them.
  5. Makes a digital product useful- A good interaction design makes a usable connection between a device, and its user through the chosen interface; Your Interaction design system responds every time you or your user make a choice on a digital device. The framework of text and objects on your website page that are just commands and spaces are rendered useful and learnable by a good Interaction design. IxD adds that subtle human element to your product that makes technology enjoyable and pleasant to interact with.

In a nutshell, Interaction design facilitates the actions we want to take with any given system. These are not just raw actions to execute a command or follow instruction, but actions oriented towards establishing a human connection. Good interaction design leads to good interactions, which in turn leads to positive user experience.


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