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Why Digital Customer Experience is your ticket to ecommerce success

Most brands have shifted their focus towards Digital Customer Experience. They are starting to realize that people are invested in the shopping experience as much as product quality these days.

Most brands have shifted their focus towards Digital Customer Experience. They are starting to realize that people are invested in the shopping experience as much as product quality these days. Accenture has claimed that 3 in 4 customers are likely to make a purchase when the store knows their name and shopping history. They have added that 1 in 3 customers end their relationship with stores when a personalized experience is lacking.

With nearly 80% of the consumers purchasing mobiles in the past year, the awesomeness of platforms should translate to smaller screens too. The youth are more inclined to the on-the-go shopping experience. It is evident from Microsoft’s recent study that states 79% of millennials prefer brands that offer a mobile customer support portal. Ultimately, it’s all about the feel and experience of online shopping. At the least, internet businesses need to be cool enough for the target audience.

Addressing digital customer experience is the key to e-commerce success. It is quintessential for any business that has an online presence. Offering the comfort of the couch alone doesn’t get you there. To put yourself on the map, you must provide an easy and fun shopping experience. The explanation for that comes in two parts – changing e-commerce space and socio-psychological quotient.

**Changing e-commerce space** With more brands coming into the e-commerce space, a lot is happening right now. Moreover, as the industry is booming and growing, customers can change their allegiances in no time. The customers realize that they can interface with their favorite brands from multiple touchpoints. You can be on Facebook to make a purchase just like you would do it from the website. Also, you can spot your journey across different devices. It is possible to add a product to a wish list from an office desktop and complete the purchase while or after getting home. The whole concept of customer experience is changing rapidly. Eventually, e-commerce brands need to revamp their traditional perspective on the same. Enabling the customer to get there quicker matters the most. People are seldom hooked on if they have to go through tons of challenges to make a purchase. This is where digital customer experience becomes the deciding factor in bagging a sale. Without scoring huge on that front, it’s just another run of the mill e-commerce store. **Socio-psychological quotient** Our understanding of attachment to products is evolving on all fronts. For instance, the court system in the UK has upped the penalty for phone robberies. They now acknowledge the phone is more than just another electronic gadget to the victim. Earlier, the victim was only compensated for the item in cash. Now the penalties are harsher for the offender, considering the emotional distress caused to the victim. Even more, the judges used the exact term ‘laws of confidence’- that individuals go through during such robberies. Simply put, technologies and systems do change with time. The only thing that remains constant is human emotions. Tech companies need to understand this to remain profitable. On a similar note, missing out on limited-in-stock products on account of a bad UI sounds horrible to the customer. People want the purchase to be smoother and faster. Henceforth, they are looking for solutions rather than stores. To be successful in business, e-commerce stores should ultimately focus on customer satisfaction. Starting from the signup process, things should be super easy and fun. Brands need to start replacing the age-old dropdowns/radio buttons with visually pleasing graphics. They need to attract all sorts of customers, from youth to middle-agers to seniors.


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