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Who Are UX designers and Web Developers: How Do They Co-exist in The Design Ecosystem

They are clearly different, but UX designers and Web Developers co-exist in the design ecosystem as complementary elements

UX Designers vs Web Developers

They are clearly different, but UX designers and Web Developers co-exist in the design ecosystem as complementary elements, throughout the creation of interactive media. They work together with the ultimate aim of creating a useful and attractive visual interface.

Web Designing, UX, UI: What's What:

Web designing and development is an umbrella category relating to the visual designing and usability of an application or website. User interface deals with user interaction control setups in a website or application. User experience predicts possible user behavior and designs a product or service based on that feeling. None of these areas are mutually exclusive and there are tons of overlapping fields.

Web design and development and UI and UX design influence and support each other. They all consider the same product and service from different points-of-view. Web design and development are basically two sides of the same coin but they distinguished by the use of coding languages. Development is the technical side of things, designing is when this technicality is adapted into user-friendly visual design and interface.

Get to Know Your UX (User Experience) Designer:

A UX designer is conceptual, philosophical and understands user psychology very well.

Get to Know Your Web Developer:

A web developer is visually inspired and creative and understands user's visual expectations very well.

Both of them have "thinking" as their key work skills and together they work for system development towards the seamless usage by the end-user.

Responsibilities of a User Experience Designer Include:
  • Sound Knowledge of The System:

Must have ample knowledge of the system as per end-user expectations and goals, so that they design the UX in a manner that the user will want to use and achieve what they want with it.

  • Sound Knowledge of The User's Psychology:

Must have a definitive understanding of the psychology of the end-user, so that the expectations are not frustrated and the end-user does not uninstall the app or stop visiting the concerned websites

  • Sound Knowledge of The Context:

UX designers must know of the usage context of any product or service and how the content will fit in it.

Work-Day Schedule of a User Experience Designer:
  • Wire-framing
  • Developing of People-based Contexts
  • Prototyping
  • Navigational Elements
  • User Scenarios
  • Site-Audits
  • Site-Mapping
  • Brand-Developing
Responsibilities of a Web Developer Include:
  • Sound Knowledge of Brand Alignment

The web developer is responsible for aligning the interface with the colors, fonts, and identities of the brands involved.

  • Sound Knowledge of Visuals

Visuals are made based on trends and the expectations of the targeted user-base. The Web Developer makes sure that visual designs thus made fit the interface of the product or the service.

  • Sound Knowledge of Content

The content is laid out by the web developer in such a manner that it is ergonomic and user-friendly for the end-user(s).

  • Sound Knowledge of Context

The web developer has to contextualize the visual content based on user-expectations and interactive visuals.

Work-Day Schedule of a Web Developer:
  • Graphic Design
  • Interface Design
  • Colour Scheme
  • Navigational Design
  • Photoshop/Illustrator
  • File Preparation
  • Page Architecture
Designing Schemata for a User Experience Designer:
  • Interaction Design
  • UI
  • Industrial Design
  • Visual Design
  • Sound
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Design
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Web Architecture
  • Human Factor

So to sum up, a service or product UI is conceptualized by UX, based on expected user experience, visualized by a web developer and the users.


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