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When the Business proposition coincides with the UX design: All the arrows are upright.

The UX design is just like that final copy of the ideal answer sheet which goes to the examiner.

The UX design is just like that final copy of the ideal answer sheet which goes to the examiner. In this case the user is the examiner, who evaluates continuously. So, the crux here lies in the fact that the Business idea should be imbued in the UX design before the user lands on the interaction zone.

Well, Why?

The business in the 21st century has a technological tone. Brand success has become synonymous with App success; its mobile-friendly operations. A user associated to a great deal with the brand. That value is steered up and down throughout with the flexible functionality of the business digital tools. A user can be typical or dynamic both at the same time.

It is the articulation of the UX designer which brings concrete out of an abstract business idea. A design can be angled on varied factors, but its trajectory should flow two ways only. That it should start with the required business acumen and end at intense user understanding.

Let's begin with the ideal example of Jef Bezos’s strategy toward amazon in 2000, where he claims that more than advertisement he invested on the UX design model. Keep UX designer central to your business strategy:

The communication between you and your designer should be maintained throughout. Not a single point should let go uncommunicated. It might not sound vital, but works to install the demand and character of the product into your designers' minds. It lets him complete the challenge of business representation in his design model. When a user comes in contact there comes a visualized sight of the business idea with which the user acquaints itself.

Similarly, the user has a preconceived notion of the workability of an app or a website. He is leaving the brick and mortar business model primarily for ease and a conducive environment. UX designer has an edge here and a fix too. His model is accessible by the users at all times. So it essentially has to be an error-free zone. So here are some essentials of what a user wants and should need to know:

  • Primarily, in minimum, the design should tell the maximum.
  • In the first 10 - 15 seconds the user should know what he is browsing exactly.
  • Then to increase retention or the reaching to successful destination domains, the flow should be the same and hassle-free.
  • The product life matters on the digital zone, so the actual information should not get compromised in the complex design structure.
Stay updated on the trends:

Situational awareness matters the most when it comes to the UX strategy of a business model. If there is a business trend, then there is a user trend too. The perfect design strategy is people-centric, it serves them well to serve the business in the perfect way. So, it is essential that a peak from the competitor’s domain should be stolen from time to time. It is not creepy, but a healthy habit. Your constant improvisation will only bring you a step closer to your users. Your success lies in their ease.

Thus, pick up from wherever you can.

Keep design in the radar of the Business Model:

It should not deviate from the focal point of the business. In the business strategy a design matters and at the same time in the design, a business strategy matters the most. Thus, for a business proposition UX matters, its strategy and design are the intersections where the userland. So, it has to happen in the calculated way, as an excess of anything is harmful.


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