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Ways To Successfully Overcome Designers Block

Suffering from a creative block can be incredibly frustrating for designers. Designers might be faced with a distinct lack of innovative

Suffering from a creative block can be incredibly frustrating for designers. Designers might be faced with a distinct lack of innovative thoughts and ideas at any point in time. Even the most experienced UI UX designers have to deal with a classic case of designer's block at times.

While one can take a week off, and hope that everything eventually works out. But doing so in the real world situation is close to impossible, as there are strict deadlines involved. In such scenarios, people can choose to engage in a few things that help them to tackle a creative block absolutely head-on.

Here are a few tips that can help people to overcome their designer's block:

  • Get moving: There are studies that have shown that physical activities can go a long way in getting the creative juices flowing. Hence, as the designer's block starts to set in, people can try to go for a run, do some start jumps to get the blood pumping or simply dance to upbeat musical rhythms. Physical activities can help in clearing the head, improving the cognitive processes, as well as provide a welcome distraction from any kind of problematic design that challenges where the designer has gotten stuck.
  • Be inspired: Designers, like all creative professionals, need a bit of inspiration from time to time. Hence, they should learn what inspires them the best and try to keep it close to them at all times. Design professionals may choose to also carry a camera, notebook or sketchbook along with them in order to record things that they find to be the most inspiring. Creating a playlist of inspirational songs and playing them all day long would be a good idea as well. They can even choose to read design blogs and check out diverse design websites for inspiration.
  • Embrace imperfection: For people who are perfectionists by nature, it might feel better to produce absolutely nothing than creating something mediocre. While it is good to take pride in excellence and holding high standards for yourself, this may also prove to be counterproductive for people in the long run. Hence, when facing a creative block, UI UX design experts should leave aside their perfectionist tendencies for a while and just get cracking. Even if their first draft is not adequate, it can be just the starting point one needs, a base on which they can build and improve upon.
  • Chat with others: People often say that a shared is a problem halved. This holds true for creative blocks as well. Designers can chat with people around them, including colleagues and friends. Their words and opinions might just do the trick and trigger an idea in the head of the designer.
  • Look within: It can be highly tempting to just sit there and try to force out good ideas from the brain after all UX designers also have deadlines to meet. It is important to understand when to give up, take a step back and just calm down the overworked brain. In case a designer is struggling to make decisions, like choosing a font or a color, then it is possible that their brain is just too fatigued and overworked. As they fail to come up with any creative or innovative ideas, it can be an indication that their cerebral cortex needs a bit of attention and that they are stressed out. In such scenarios, people should take a necessary break from their strains and just retrospect.

Creativity can come in peaks and troughs, and hence designers should not take their ideas for granted when they are riding high. They should try to make the most of it, and store their bundle of ideas for the creative dry spells. Web design professionals must know that inspiration can hit even when they least expect it, and hence they must always be ready to capture it when the moment strikes.


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