Nov 9, 2020 . . 3 min read

UX Trends to Look Out for in 2020

How can UX trends remain untouched from the wave of change and technological disruption

Heading into the new decade will usher new technologies, new applications, and new trends.

How can UX trends remain untouched from the wave of change and technological disruption? UX trends are expected to undergo a significant transformation, and a large number of newer trends are expected to be at the forefront.

A change is a usage pattern in terms of technology and devices, along with the demand for more interactive designs, influence the UX trends significantly.

Let us take a look at some of the expected UX trends that we should look out for:

  • Compelling Storytelling Designs
  • Mindful designs.
  • Minimalism
  • Voice based User Interface and AI based technology.
  • Synchronization of devices
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality.
Compelling Storytelling Designs

Design alone cannot sustain a UI or UX anymore. It needs to have a story that users can relate to. It needs to provide fulfilling digital user experiences, and storytelling is one of the best ways to do that. Therefore the creation of the designs that reflect preferences, relevance, and the user's journey will fare much better than only design-oriented UX.

Mindful Designs

While accepted design patterns find their way into almost all UX designs, it is expected to change soon. The accepted pattern designs are giving way to more mindful and customized UX designs. Mindful designs have a positive effect on the perception of end-users. Customization ensures elevated user experiences and boosts customer loyalty. It is one of the most prominent trends to look out for in 2020.


Minimalism is one of the biggest transformations that the UX trends are currently undergoing and is likely to take over the existing designs entirely. Minimalism ensures that the focus is primarily on the application, with the design aspect shifting towards relevance and simplicity. It includes designs that are context-specific and have easy navigation patterns for the users. The design is both time-saving and adds value along with aesthetics. It also avoids overwhelming the user with unwanted notifications and pop-ups.

Voice Based User Interface and AI Based Technology

Artificial Intelligence has made a considerable foray into our lives and is likely to replace a whole lot of other physical aspects and manual jobs across all sectors.

We are all aware of Alexa and Siri, and how they have transformed the way we do our day to day activities. However, these changes have mainly been confined to our phones. The newer enhancement will most likely enable us to incorporate our artificial intelligence devices into the most mundane activities.

Similarly, the voice-based user interface will achieve more functionality and will advance into more sectors just the way GUI has shifted to VUI.

Synchronization of devices

While the synchronization of your device with multiple applications is already one of the latest trends, it is expected to gain even more momentum in the coming year. The smartphones, watches, computers, and even medical devices like, glucose meter and fit bits will get completely synchronized with the user’s relevant accounts.

Along with the synchronization, we can expect to see greater user interaction, voice controls, and single-touch executions for multiple tasks.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

While E-commerce has gained immense popularity on account of its convenience and variety, it still has a long way to go in terms of UX. This is where Augmented reality and Virtual reality comes in. AR and VR will add to the convenience and user experience in an unprecedented way. Brands like Sephora and Snapchat have already made use of them. Other brands will also catch-up and advance the trend. It will add a whole new level to user interaction and experience.

Many more trends will possibly find its way in 2020, enhancing the progress and possibilities of UX design in several aspects. The last decade saw a complete overhaul of how the technology was consumed by the user. The usage patterns in terms of devices and technologies have evolved enormously.

Staying up to date and constantly looking out for new trends will help you make the most of the digital revolution 2020.


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