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UX design and Product management: They are more related than you think

Product management and User Experience (UX) both play a crucial role in bringing a new product into the market. These two aspects should be in sync in order to develop successful and engaging digital products.

Product management and User Experience (UX) both play a crucial role in bringing a new product into the market. These two aspects should be in sync in order to develop successful and engaging digital products. To get a better understanding of how UX design and product management are related to each other, it is firstly important to acquire a brief insight into the roles of UX designers and product managers.

UX designers

They essentially are the advocate for the users in a product development team. They strive to understand the problems and priorities of the users by performing routine user research and testing and ensure to follow the most effective user-centered design approach. The UX design process is largely focused on identifying the method that can provide the most seamless experience to the users, while also adequately meeting their requirements. These professionals often keep improving and refining their designs even after product delivery, so as to ensure than a product always remains as user-friendly as possible.

Product managers

These professionals are generally responsible for formulating the roadmap and the core strategy for the development of a product. They try to drive the direction of a product development towards ensuring that the resources of a company are being spent on building the product that has features and characteristics desired by the users.

What do UX and product management have in common?

Both UX and product management are user-focused domains. The UX designers and product managers typically have to collaborate with each other in order to properly understand the concerns of the customers and explore solutions for it. While product managers should be aware of the important UX design tools and principles, the UX designers must have an understanding of the relevant technology or time constraints as well as the end business objectives. For a product manager, it is vital to understand the problems of the users so that they can take steps towards solving it and augment the profit prospects of their company. Due to their expert knowledge about the users, UX designers can help the product managers to both understand and solve the issues of the end consumers.

Here is more on the two key ways how UX Design and product management are related to each other:

  • Their key goals are the same: The goal of UX and product management is to both develop and improve products as per the needs of the users. The professionals related to both these domains always work towards understanding and anticipating the needs of the users. High quality of a product cannot be assured without ensuring a great experience for the users, and the product managers and UX designers both try to make sure of this fact.
  • In the book ‘Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach’ Roger Pressman mentions that solving problems in the development stage is often ten times more expensive than fixing them during the design stage itself. To avoid any high expense in the development stage, product managers must seek out the help of professionals having efficient UX design skills and an adequate understanding of the preferences of the audience. The UX designers help keep the focus on the user and their requirements when the business goals start to take center stage. The UX designers are often known to push for higher quality, to ensure consistent user experience. The product managers, on the other hand, make sure that the UX designers work within the given time frame and technical constraints.

By working together, product managers and UX designers can bridge the gap between the customer expectations and present products, to accurately identify and prioritize the necessary product improvements.


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