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Top 10 UX UI tools to make your designing simpler!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a website with a good UX/UI is worth a thousand visits. Designing tools are important

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a website with a good UX/UI is worth a thousand visits. Designing tools are important whether it is for experimenting, making prototypes or preserving overall design consistency. Let's look at ten UX/UI tools that assist in smooth prototyping:-

  1. Adobe XD
  2. This helps in designing website wireframes, interactive prototypes and is available on Windows and Mac platforms. It is one of the popular UX design tools. The tool uses mathematical equations and geometric images to add features to the product.


    • Works smoothly on cloud
    • Smart guides and grids are allowed
    • Designing through Adobe XD is more efficient
  3. InVision Studio 
  4. InVision Studio is a phenomenal designing tool for UX design. The combination of designing, prototyping and collaboration makes the designing process a flawless one.


    • Allows the designer to present prototypes in a professional way
    • Designers can keep a record of all past edits or earlier designs
    • Creates an actual website viewing experience and allows the designer to control their design.
  5. UXPin 
  6. UXPin is a collaborative tool for designing, prototyping and handoffs. The tool is available on Windows or Mac. It allows multiplayer co-editing. The interactive elements are easily accessible. UXPin simplifies collaboration with library system.


    • Powerful animations
    • Complete design collaboration
    • Very responsive design with breakpoints
  7. Webflow
  8. Webflow is a visual tool for designing websites with clean code. Webflow allows designers to create a functional responsive website. It deploys scalable worry-free hosting with a single click.


    • Real data from APIs/JSON etc
    • Creates high-quality reusable codes
    • Highly responsive websites can be deployed with ease
  9. Figma
  10. Figma boasts of the most real-time design collaboration and features any prototyping tool. It has various intuitive design tools. A mesmerizing set of tools from various sources is available. Figma includes prototyping mode, developer handoffs and hotspots to streamline design workflow.


    • Fully featured and ideal for designers
    • Real-time collaborative design features
    • Features set of intuitive design tools
  11. Marvel 
  12. Marvel is a favourite tool for those who are looking for simpler, friendly alternatives to complex tools. Marvel has created an excellent tool that works for both advanced UX designs and novice UI designs. It communicates high and low fidelity concepts. Marvel has integrated POP, which allows designers to put their ideas into Android and IOS devices.


    • Highly responsive design
    • Offers great support for transitions
    • User-friendly user interface for non-designers.
  13. Axure
  14. Axure fulfills web development, wireframing, and mocking the basic requirements of any UX/UI design. It provides the framework required at the beginning of any project. One of the most convenient and frequently used tools by designers is Axure. It comes with various styling features and strong interaction options.


    • Prototypes generated are password controlled
    • Previous versions can be stored and controlled
    • Uses conditional logic, dynamic content, drag and drop, and animations
  15. Photopie
  16. For developing prototypes with minimum coding, designers look forward to Protopie. It is a great prototyping tool for smart devices. Protopie has new exciting features like smart sensors. The most unique feature is the bridge mechanism.


    • Designing experience is very user friendly
    • Designers can create code-free prototypes
    • Supports multi-finger gestures and sensor support
  17. Framer X
  18. From custom icons to intricate illustration, Framer X is the perfect tool for UX design. You can tune your design with advanced path editor and export from the canvas. It also makes advanced editing simple. You can draw everything from logos to icons.


    • Supports creations of smooth logos
    • Export anything, anytime with CSS and SVG code
    • Can create advance path editor and custom shapes
  19. Atomic
  20. This is a tool that solves complex problems in the process of building a product. This is a prototype to guide you from the beginning to the end of the product. You can also use other apps and export to atomic.


    • Great user-interface
    • Compatible with Mac/Windows users
    • Users can easily use lots of tools available in Atomic


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