Nov 2, 2020

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The Top Figma Plugins That UI UX Designers Must Check Out At Once

A favourite of contemporary web designers, Figma essentially is a web-based design tool that offers the facility of real-time collaboration.

A favourite of contemporary web designers, Figma essentially is a web-based design tool that offers the facility of real-time collaboration. Many UI UX designers like to use Figma as it facilities an inclusive and seamless design process.

Plugins are an incredibly critical component of the workflow of a web designer and enhance their overall output to a great extent. Figma has recently introduced the feature of plugins that serve as little power-ups and help to enhance the functionality of a design. These plugins are slowly becoming one of the prime go-to collaborative tools for contemporary UI designers. The Figma plugins are built by their user's community and provide the designers with an easy way to extend their capacity and capability through this tool.

According to Tiffany Chen, a UX Designer at Microsoft, the Figma plugins make it easy for her to advocate for herself and others by giving her the ability to create the design tools that she actually needs, rather than waiting for someone else to make them on her behalf.

Here are some of the most prominent Figma plugins that UI UX designers must surely check out:

  • Unsplash: This plugin lets designers insert gorgeous images straight into their designers. Through Unsplash for Figma, designers can insert a random image on their website, or even search for something specific to incorporate there.
  • Able: This plugin has been made to make accessibility absolutely smooth at Figma. Through this plugin, designers can easily add color blindness and color contrast to their workflow with absolutely minimal efforts. They have to just open Able, and it will compare the contrast between two selected layers automatically.
  • Content Reel: This plugin enables web designers to pull icons, avatars, and text strings into their design with ease. The designers firstly have to select one or more layers in their design file, and subsequently choose from the names, icons, companies, phone numbers, avatar images, as well as time and date details, so as to replace standard dummy content.
  • Image Palette: This plugin is ideal for having a solid color palette across a UI design. The Image Palette basically tends to extract a color palette of five distinguished colors from the images selected in Figma.
  • Super Tidy: Alignment is an integral aspect of web design. It is imperative for web designers to avoid any instances of misalignment in a website. Super Tidy is a popular Figma plugin that helps designers to easily rename, reorder, and align their frames on the basis of their canvas positions. This plugin also renames all the frames of the designer and properly reorders them in the layers list as per their position in the canvas.
  • Figma Chat: Collaboration is crucial to the contemporary web design domain. With the help of the Figma Chat plugin, the designers can interact inside their files with other people by sending them texts, or even by sharing actual frames or other components of their design.
  • Product Planner: This plugin makes the web design process easier and comfortable to get started with Figma. It can help people to systematically go through the aspects of product planning, identifying risks, product insights, setting goals, and even identifying and solving problems. Designers can use the prebuilt template relevant to their task.
  • Remove BG: With the help of this plugin, people can easily remove the background of images automatically with just a click of the mouse. However, in order to use this plugin, the designers would need a remove.bg account
  • Figmotion: This is an excellent animation tool, built-in Figma. This makes the entry to animation manageable and easy for designers.

These were some of the most popularly used Figma plugins used by contemporary web designers.


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