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The possible state of UX in 2020

Just like every other trend, UX process also needs to keep up with the current trends, since UX design principles directly

Just like every other trend, UX process also needs to keep up with the current trends, since UX design principles directly influence the position and perception of any digital product. Now that 2019 is at an end, it is time to make predictions about the state of UX principles in the coming year.

With lots of changes happening all at once, UX designing has become dynamic and highly competitive, which has made understanding and predicting user demands and meeting them really important. This article will try to anticipate some emerging trends that may score big with the clients the next year, all in the light of how things have been so far.

Top-heavy Leadership Models Are Not Sustainable

Two decades into UX designing, the UX industry is now chock-full of leaders and director-level designers, so much so that many of them have relatively low levels of experience and are managing or leading a one-man-team.

What needs to be done then, is to look at seniority in new ways, where the role or salary of a “lead” should be based on industry impact and influencing the junior compatriots. Where everyone is looking for senior UX designers, we do need people who do the actual work, and that is mostly the associate designers.

Strategizing is important:

While everyone is busy being busy, no one seems to be inputting energy into the necessary parts of UX processes. Instead of spending too much time on hex colours, UX strategizing must be realistic enough to achieve tangible goals. Both the vision and the resources are necessary for a UX designer to materialize, while simply following the guidelines and the best practices will result in a good UX product. Still, for it to be successful, it needs to be innovative as well.

Continuous Optimization and Non-complicated Outlook:

While successful products must continuously be optimized, strategizing should also involve long-term planning, as solely focusing on smaller optimizations, can make a UX designer lose out on significant opportunities in the tech industry.

Also the strategizing should be simple and courageous, regarding the do's and not-to-do's for the UX design company to remain focused and moving.

Strategizing Depends on Conceptualizing:

UX designing should ideally start with concepts, which are simple metaphors to make clients understand the workings of the system, will before the designers get too attached to details.

The most radical idea should be prototyped first:

According to industry expert Jason Fried, prototyping should first try the more weird ideas, since going deeper into a project usually turns it more conservative.

Less is More:

According to industry expert Julie Zhuo, simple and effective is much better than a mediocre product.

Zoom in and out of designs:  Try these methods out:
  • Brainstorming works better after you force the brain to be idle after rigorous working.
  • Print your design out to test it on a different screen.
  • Share the early stages of your design, and keep doing it often.
  • Discuss it with your colleagues.
  • Write summarized forms of the idea you're having.
  • Write case studies while you are working on it.
Mix-and-match Patience and Intensity:

The UX design must be time-sensitive and easily measured. However, designing should be done with patience across a long period of time for the effective delivery of the initial vision. Like every other work, UX processes also involve hard-work and consistency.

Accomodating the changing industry:

In this world that is seeing rapid advancements in technology, in 2020, we need to rethink designing and business in a way that accommodates the soon-to-be autopilot-mode of our daily tasks, by staying relevant to the newer industry demands, not sticking to old practices and losing more meaningful opportunities, experimenting and thinking of our work with a more wide perspective.


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