Oct 18, 2020

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Some Popular 2019 UX Trends That You Should Definitely be Aware of

The landscape of UX is incredibly dynamic. It consistently keeps evolving and developing with time, based on the ever-changing

The landscape of UX is incredibly dynamic. It consistently keeps evolving and developing with time, based on the ever-changing desires of the customers. Every year brings a host of talking points, challenges, and trends related to 2019 with it. In the year of 2018, an increased focus on the aspect of data-driven UX along with the rise in the need for a UX researcher was seen. Privacy by design is another element that gained quite a bit of traction last year. Coming to 2019, large-scale adoption of diverse disruptive techs such as VUIs, Magic Leap and mixed realities are some of the trends that have rocked the tech field. New-age technologies have led to the development of diverse new design solutions as well.

Here are some of the major trends belonging to UX that has dominated 2019:

  • The growing importance of conversational design: Slowly and steadily, the traditional web UI forms are on the verge of becoming obsolete, and are being replaced by AI capabilities. This tech innovation facilitates the creation of amazing UX interactions, as opposed to inputting all the necessary details by typing. Conversation design basically is a design language that is based on human conversation. As interfaces start to leverage human conversations, the lesser number of users would be required to be taught how to use it. Conversation design is known to involve a synthesis of multiple design disciplines, including motion design, interaction design, UX writing, as well as visual design.
  • Personalized experiences: Over the years people have started to identify the negativities involved in the one size fits all concept. Gradually an increasing number of digital products have started to become more personalized than ever before. In 2019 we can see a significant amount of data-driven experiences backed by machine learning and AI.
  • Storytelling to acquire a competitive edge: From the perspective of a customer, good UX has become a necessity rather than a unique selling point. While a premium UX traditionally was considered to be a novelty that made a product stand out, those days are long gone. Nowadays, in case users come across a bad UX, they would discard and replace the product at once. Hence, companies need to focus on creating the most memorable and impressive experience for users. Keeping this factor in mind, storytelling is increasingly used by UX designersfor the purpose of translating user value into reality, and ultimately creating products that consumers can relate to on a deeper level.
  • Connected Experiences:A growing number of people are using connected devices now. The demand for the availability of information across multiple devices at the same time has boosted the smart device market to a significant extent. As a result, UX professionals now lay emphasis on designing journeys that take into consideration a complete range of devices than isolated equipment.
  • The popularity of UI: Voice continues to be a major talking point of the tech landscape of 2019 as well. To make the best out of these innovations, designers are striving to create useful and user-friendly voice applications that truly levels up the voice game, and takes it from mediocre to magical.

In 2019 UX continues to be one of the key drivers of business success. New-age UX designers have started to develop more empathy for the business and not just users. These professionals now largely focus on making data-driven decisions, so as to measure the effectiveness of their design and optimize their processes in the most efficient fashion. Head of Design at CareerFoundry, Jeffrey Humble, mentions that in 2019 UX designers moved closer to the boardroom, and tend to challenge themselves to go broader with their skill sets constantly.


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