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Inspiration For UX Designs

It is said that the simplest of ideas is one of the most dangerous things in this world. It is something that topples the dominoes to the ground, uprooting the pre-established...

It is said that the simplest of ideas is one of the most dangerous things in this world. It is something that topples the dominoes to the ground, uprooting the pre-established social orders and if it were meant to be, even bring a paradigm shift to our fundamental philosophy of life. And such is User Experience in the modern business environment. Where most designers’ and thinkers’ legs go slack, nonetheless, when it comes to bringing innovation to flow in the market.

While some of us may raise the point that product design or user experience is only an ancillary to the primary framework of the page or the product implementation in question, but there is simply no denying that novelty and remodeling will be required to get it up and running from the trade and customer relationships’ points of view.

There are numerous measures that could be taken to get one’s creative juices flowing, especially in the realm of design. Here are some of the sources on the web that could be referred to once in a while to get a feel of what’s trending.

Behance- This is one of the most widely cited springs of artistic creativity. The curators of this website take it upon their pride to bring to you the latest and the best. There is a wide range of themes from Illustrator to Photoshop, from Graphic Design to Photography, Architecture, Motion, Product Design, Game Design, Fine Arts-- the list is endless.

Dribble- Dribble is home to the world’s best design professionals-- a resourceful destination for the budding designers so much so that even a casual visitor to their website will struggle to look away. One can customize and filter their search by colour, by nature of design-- that is to say what kind of artwork it is. Categories include smartphone mockups, logo designs, icons, fonts and typography, animations among other things. There are goods available for sale and projects by various artists than one can learn from. You can even put your work up there for others to see.

There are multiple design professionals that you can reach out too as well. The entire UX community is consistently active on common social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Here are a few artists and pages that you can go for UX inspiration.

Awwwards- This online portal differs slightly from the one mentioned above in a manner that Awwwards is more website-oriented and is focused on creating and promoting more of the trending web design. They are, moreover, opinionated-- they have their own sense of definition for exceptional design and everything and anything that you might submit shall undergo scrutiny at various levels.

Pinterest- Pinterest’s creativity is any daily artist’s staple diet, or any casual person with a taste, for that matter. If one is not keeping up with all that is shared here, one is most certainly missing out.

Ratna Desai- Director of Product Design at Netflix, Ratna Desai has written a ton of articles that one can read for UX design-related details and paraphernalia.

UI Trends- UI Trends is a page on Instagram that is both-- an eye candy and an endless source of inspiration for designers who are expected to market innovation on a day-to-day basis. Follow this page @uitrends on Instagram for more.

Jessica Robbins- Jessica Robbins on her Instagram handle (@uxmemo) shares “small moments of building big brand experience thinking”. Straight out of her bio, she is a staunch believer that curiosity added to the design is what gives meaning to life. She keeps sharing her mind through post-it notes-- something, it turns out, that is essential to the very centre of UX designing.

Nancy Douyon- She is a featured UX designer on multiple platforms including TechCrunch and Forbes.

Art in any form-- be it a sketch or poetry has to come from within. Design, similarly, if not inventive and ingenious, is blatantly corrupt and doesn’t warrant the attention it may get. So while you should and must reach out to the ux community to get a feel of the heat, to get inspired, one should not try to copy someone else’s work. No matter how offbeat, if it is indeed your idea, it will forever be bulletproof.


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