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Debunking A Few Common UI UX Misconceptions

The aspect of “user experience” has gained a significant amount of popularity over the recent years, and very rightfully so. The optimal success of every mobile application

The aspect of “user experience” has gained a significant amount of popularity over the recent years, and very rightfully so. The optimal success of every mobile application, software product and piece of interactive technology nowadays largely depends on whether it is easy to use, and whether it provides value to the end-users. It is crucial to incorporate a user-centered design process in every business to ensure these aspects.

User experience (UX) involves the internal experience that a person tends to have when they interact with different aspects of the services and products of a company. User interface (UI) on the other hand typically involves a series of visual elements, pages, and screens, like icons and buttons, which enable a person to interact with a product or service. As UI and UX are relatively new concepts in the industry, several people have a lot of confusion and misconceptions related to it.

Here are a few points that aim at clearing the common misconceptions related to UI UX:

Misconception #1 – Design is a small part of the project

While many think that design is just a minor part of a software project, it is not the case. Design cannot be an afterthought for any business that wants their software to be successful. By incorporating a user-centered design process, the diverse needs of the users are taken into consideration at every stage of the lifecycle of a product. UI and UX are crucial to making the experience of a product as smooth as it can be and ensuring that it provides high value to the users.

Misconception #2- UI/UX is all about the visuals

When talking about UI vs UX as well as their importance, the co-creator of Foster.fm mentions that UX and UI are two of the most misused and confused terms in their field. He mentions that having UI without UX is much like a painter slapping paint on a canvas without any thought, and a great product experience tends to begin with UX and is followed by UI, both of them being extremely crucial to the success of a product. UX and UI design go way deeper than the typeface or colours within a software product. The development and strategy that goes into these two elements ultimately lead to the final visual product. A good UI UX design would perfectly balance the needs of your business with the requirements of your users, eventually integrating them into a seamless design aesthetic.

Misconception #3 – Good design doesn’t need testing

No matter how much a UI and UX developer loves the design and feels passionate about it, it is imperative to note that all designs can be improved. For the best results, it is vital to test the design at every stage of a product cycle. The story of the “$300 Million Button” is one of the best examples underlining the importance of observation and testing. Jared M. Spool wrote an article in a book called “Web Form Design: filling in the Blanks” where he talked about how a simple design and button change increased the profits of a company by $300,000,000 a year.

Misconception #4 – You can never have too many choices

It is a common notion that everyone loves to have choices in their everyday life. However, it is vital to maintain a balancing act between the number of choices, as well as the associated satisfaction of choice. UI designers should focus on making a design as intuitive and simple as possible, and be aware of the fact that the ultimate users might find it too troublesome to deal with multiple choices. In fact, in case the users are provided with too many choices, they might not use the products at all.

The points mentioned above can hopefully help you to understand the aspects of UX and UI better.


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