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Building a Landing Page Online

Landing pages are essential to any marketing campaign, as they increase sales, boost conversions, and encourage sign-ups. However, they are rarely optimized to work at their fullest power.

Landing pages are essential to any marketing campaign, as they increase sales, boost conversions, and encourage sign-ups. However, they are rarely optimized to work at their fullest power. This article is designed to explain how to build a landing page online and clear any possible misunderstandings.

What Is A Landing Page?
Landing pages are highly specific, targeted custom-optimized web pages designed specifically for converting customers through sales or signups.
They may also be used to funnel visitors from various advertising links on social media or Google Adsense. It is a standalone page that is not linked to the homepage or the website. If people turn up on the landing page, they are already intrigued by your service or product.

Difference between Landing Page and Homepage
Home pages are very general which introduces any passive visitor to the overall business, allowing them to explore however they please.
On the other hand, landing pages are specifically targeted to one promotion and outcome, which is either the sale or the signup.

How to Create Landing Pages

a. Using a free website builder plugin

There are multiple free hosting websites available on the internet, WordPress being one. They may be customized and given a URL that acts as a call for action or is SEO friendly. It is better to keep the URL short and specific.
Tip: While using templates for creating custom designs, it is better to run A/B split tests, which help in optimizing the conversion rate.

b. Install drag-and-drop based themes

These are both versatile and flexible and can be used to easily and quickly add new landing page, and to create custom layouts using drag-and-drop boxes.

c. Employing Paid Landing Pages Providers:

Paid alternatives make your job simpler as they help build landing pages with step-by-step instructions. Also no need for complex coding id required. Your landing page takes only half an hour to go online. As for templates, tonnes of them are available, which can also be tweaked according to necessity.

d. optimization:

This involves how the most sales and conversions may be generated from the landing page. The following tips are sure to help you reach your goal.

  • Setting a clear goal:

Landing pages, as discussed before, are meant to be specific and not offer multiple promotions. Designing should involve only one purpose, which is to either sell a product or getting people to sign up for your service. The focus should clearly be on the conversion.

  • Remove Distractions:

According to most web designers, 90% of their job involves reducing clutter on the landing page, including distractions towards the main goal. An ideal landing page should have four main design elements, which are:

  • title
  • explainer
  • call-to-action
  • image
  • Only one exit point:

While a traditional web page has many links to help visitors explore the website, the landing page requires just one link, which is the call-to-action. No other exit points should exist to distract the visitors or for leading them somewhere else. If there is no other place for them to click, they will most likely click on the call-to-action.

  • Powerful call-to-action:

Call-to-action, which is the "buy" or the "sign up" button, is the most important segment of the landing page. The ultimate goal of the landing page is getting the visitor to click this button. The page writeup must be simple, attractive, to-the-point, and compelling. They should talk directly to the visitors, as they are just one step away from opting for your product or service. Getting inside their heads by tapping into their emotions is key to conversion.

  • Using contrasting, bright colours and design:

The best colours to use for this purpose, according to designers, are orange, yellow, and green, as they create contrast and stand out from the rest of the page, attracting the eyes of the visitors straight to the call-to-action button.
Lastly, landing pages prove to be the best way to boost conversions and increase your sales/signups. This makes it important to correctly optimize them correctly, or they could end up uselessly costing a lot of money.


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