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Are you a product manager? - Here are a few UX tips that you must know!

The key responsibilities of product managers entail working with cross-functional teams to solve properly defined user problems and create exceptional experiences.

The key responsibilities of product managers entail working with cross-functional teams to solve properly defined user problems and create exceptional experiences. To do so, these professionals need to have a good understanding of UX tools, principles and strategies. In the contemporary world, the spheres of product management and user experiences (UX) have become more closely aligned than ever before. This is especially true for diverse software-based products. Nowadays, product managers need to have a good understanding of UX if they want to deliver products that their prospective customers would surely love.

Here are a few tips related to UX for product managers that can help them to do their job most efficiently:

  1. There are many instances where product managers tend to make decisions on behalf of the users without asking anyone, or even without thorough research. It is important not to do that. While the product managers may think that the users may like a certain feature, it might ultimately be very complicated for the customers to actually use. Hence, it is vital that they collaborate with the UX designers before reaching any major decision. UX designers are the ones who thoroughly research the expectation and requirements of the users and hence can provide the product managers with specialized insights.
  2. Product managers should understand that UX is not just about augmenting the appearance of a product. It deals with making sure that products work smoothly and beautifully so that they can adequately meet the requirements of the people who would ultimately use them. To achieve this factor, the product designers would need the assistance of both User Interface (UI) professionals and User Experience (UX) designer. The element of both UX and UI are integral to developing the perfect product that would be undoubtedly successful in the market. While the UX designers help in finding out the requirements of the customers through research and creating interactive prototypes based on that information, UI professionals work towards enhancing the experience with the help of visual design and branding.
  3. While product management and UX are closely linked concepts, it is crucial to understand that the skills needed to perform each of these roles are essentially not interchangeable. A Senior Product Manager at AIB, Stephen Sherwin, mentions that there are both crossovers and differences between the roles and responsibilities of the UX designer and product manager. He says that while the product managers aim to develop a product for the users, the UX designers help them to keep their focus on the perspective of the users. Learning about the sphere of UX early on in the career gives the product managers a great foundation to progress on when it comes to product management.
  4. Product managers should try to involve the UX designers in the initial stages of a product development process. These professionals can help them to deliver excellent products that can become a great hit among the customers. Stephen Sherwin mentions that UX often plays a great role in enabling him to understand the important customer pain points, and provides him with an insight on how these issues can be solved. He says that through UX, he gets the reassurance that he is working on the right problem that would ultimately help the users. He also says that through UX, he can reduce the risk of developing a product or feature that does not engage the users, or provide them with the assistance that they need.

By having a superior appreciation for UX product managers can make a more informed and highly effective product based decisions. UX involves the overall usability of a product, and also takes into account the elements of human-computer interaction and interaction design.


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