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A Few Of The Trending UI Design Elements That You Need To Be Aware Of Web

In technical terms, User Interface or UI can be defined as the process of making interfaces in a website, software or any computerized devices

In technical terms, User Interface or UI can be defined as the process of making interfaces in a website, software or any computerized devices with a focus on style or looks. UI designers largely strive to make sure that a system is easy to use and pleasurable for discerning users. Devin Harold, a UI designer at iCiDIGITAL, mentions that he tends to put a great emphasis on bringing life to a website or software by providing it with an attractive colour palette, a bit of interaction, as well as a sense of depth. In many UI design processes, Graphical User Interface (GUI) and other elements like voice-controlled designs are used to ensure that the users can easily interact with the featured designs. In the contemporary web development field, the trends related to UI are changing with every passing day with the evolution of the tastes and preferences of the users. With the increasing level of competition in the market, it has become imperative for people to keep up to date with the latest UI trends. Here are a few of the trends related to UI design elements that you must know about:

  • Seamless interface: The aspect of a seamless interface is an integral component of the modern-day web development domain. In a seamless interface, we can ideally add content by including images, descriptions, and so on. By ensuring a seamless interface, the users typically get the benefit of seeing all the important content or information on a single page and do not need to move to the next page to view the whole page.
  • Typography: This refers to the unique style of letters. When it comes to typography, UI designers can use large fronts, add a dash of animated designs to it and ultimately aim to make the text smooth flowing. Good typography also lays emphasis on the structure of blocks of text, and their positioning on a web page or software. Efficient text placement often eliminates the requirement of having any other type of content involved in the page design.
  • Gradient transitions: This has become a popular tool to design UI. With the help of gradient transitions, UI designers tend to use a number of vibrant and trendy colours for the website display. This technology facilitates the use of greater shades in comparison to earlier generation screens. The use of attractive colours plays a major role in encouraging users to check out a website more often.
  • Custom illustrations: Having innovative custom illustrations has emerged as one of the most prominent UI trends over the last couple of years. This technique helps augment the website exploration experience of the users to a large extent. Custom illustrations significantly assist in giving a visual hierarchy to a page and effectively draw the attention of the users. It also enables the designers to create customized visual metamorphs, shapes and colours and aids them to convey the relevant message to the users in a highly effective manner.
  • Video on websites: The trend of having videos on websites is steadily becoming quite popular. Many people do not have time, patience or interest in reading huge blocks of texts. Conveying information to such individuals by incorporating videos on websites would be the best move. Videos can covey a lot of information in a highly interesting and engaging manner and can be shared easily on social media platforms as well.
Companies should try their best to get their website designed, or even redesigned, as per the top trending UI designs, in order to ensure a great user experience and leave a lasting visual impact on the website visitors.


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