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A few important facts that UX designers should surely know about the users

Your website gives the first impression to the users. A meaningful user experience that is positive and enriching

Your website gives the first impression to the users. A meaningful user experience that is positive and enriching keeps your users coming back for more. This gives the direction to the future traffic on your website and keeps users loyal to your brand. Your business success will depend upon your customers’ journey on your website.

User experience or UX is what the person feels after interaction with your digital product. Many of the UX factors, like usability, accessibility, design, utility, and interaction, can be controlled by the designers and developers while some factors, like attention time span, feedback, are controllable by the users themselves.

A good UX design uses user data to design the interface. It intends to fulfill the needs of the users and then building the design model based upon those conclusions. Further research, usability testing and product testing are done, before designing the final interface, so as to make sure that the design structure is in line with the user experience.

A good psychological knowledge about the users and an in-depth understanding of user behavior is a must as far as UX design is concerned. Let us see some user considerations that UX designers need to keep in mind before designing interfaces.

Attention Span- A UX Designer should be aware that the users have a very limited attention span when they visit your website. They can decide in just a few seconds whether your site or app is worth their time. Make sure that the look, feel and design are appealing enough. When a user is working on an important task, prevent distraction. Provide system feedback within 400 ms to keep users’ attention.

Familiar Design patterns- Surveys reveal that users generally stick to those websites that have a familiar design or a homely feel. Your website interface should be simple, awe-inspiring, yet formal, and should be able to make an emotional connection with the users. Only then your users will share their experience and become your customers.

Easy to Navigate- An easy to use and concise design interface is what we all look for. You may have the best of content, and the most appealing graphics, but if the different website contents are not co-related properly and not aligned concisely, users will skip the page in between or abandon it. Make sure to have well-built menus with clear cut instructions in your UX design.

Choice paradox- An average user is spoilt for choice on the internet. Make sure you score brownie points as far as your content and material are concerned. Also, take care of user needs but don't give unnecessary choices for various functions like account creation, services or subscriptions. The time to make a decision increases with the number of choices.

Easy Interface- Ease of use can be achieved by reducing the number of steps involved in your interface for accomplishing a task. Don’t unnecessarily complicate processes like order creations, refunds, complaints, etc. by involving a large number of steps or data collection. Keep it short and sweet.

Meaningful CTAs- These are the Call to Action buttons that may be placed on your site or app. If you have any “Click here” buttons, replace them with “Subscribe to our mailing list” or “Order Now” buttons that give more meaning and reason to your CTA. A reason for action makes the user more secure with that action.

User Connect- This is important that your users stay connected on your website at all times when they land on the page, browse through it, make a choice, perform an action and even when they leave the page. If they are not happy about something, you should have a well-defined complaint and feedback section also, to record all user responses.

Less loading time- Time is an important constraint. No one likes to wait. Your UX designers should keep away from heavy graphics and visual elements that take time to load. Overloaded servers, downtime, problems with account creation, difficulty filling out applications, etc. create a negative user experience.

Understanding the psychology of the user is crucial to convert them into customers. The product should not only be visually appealing but should instill credibility and trust in the user. It should market your product but capture the user instincts in a desirable way.


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