Oct 6, 2020

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A Few Efficient Tips To Optimize UX In The Contemporary Digitized Environment

Mainstream brands are steadily adopting into the digitized world where technology is penetrating almost every aspect of our lives.

Mainstream brands are steadily adopting into the digitized world where technology is penetrating almost every aspect of our lives. Nevertheless, adding UX to the starting phase of a business's digital transformation will only lead to happier users, a higher number of content stakeholders and a significantly higher rate of adoption. With this in mind, here are a few methodical tips to help optimize the user experience in the modern digitized environment.

  • Sophisticated Web Design- The first impressions are the one to last, and no matter how huge the traffic is that you are receiving on your websites, the customers won't be recurring if they are not impressed first hand within the first 6 seconds. Hence it becomes important that the website's bounce rate be reduced by making the landing pages optimal, which is to say that the websites should be easy to navigate and there must be negligible loading latency. Moreover, the design and the pattern of the page should be consistent throughout the website. If the user has to put in an effort to access the information he's there for, they will not hesitate to search the brand's competitors.
  • Adopting The Omni-Channel Marketing UX Strategy- Omnichannel marketing or cross-channel marketing enables brands to create a seamless and effortless experience for users across all kinds of devices, including mobile phones. The brands need to simplify their websites for mobile access, making content as concise as possible as the whole point of using mobile devices is convenient.
  • Optimize The Business's Call-To-Action: A call-to-action has a very compelling effect on the conversion rate as it is one of the most straightforward methods that can be adapted to prompt a user to take action. In order to develop a gripping call-to-action (CTA), features as small as font colour and size will eventually help determine its success. It shouldn't be too small or too repelling. The content of the page should be easy on the eyes, and the colour should be welcoming to the user. Placement of CTAs plays a major role in driving the conversion rate as it is a direct parameter to guide the users according to the brand's requirements.
  • Getting To Know The Customer- Proper time and research must be put in while trying to understand your target audience, their needs, and what it is that they are really looking for. The brands can make use of existing UX tools such as Google Analytics, and Twitter or Instagram Business Page Analytics which can help provide valuable insights and develop a pattern among a certain kind of users. Beyond UX, it must be made sure that the company's principles and objectives are driven towards making its customers happy.
  • Provision For Support- Simple tools such as a chat-bot or clear guidelines at critical points where users might face trouble could help to leave a good impression on the users and also facilitate in accomplishing the goals of a structured UX process.
Businesses-both modern and traditional- need to understand that efficient user experience is a much-needed necessity and no longer just an option. Only after due diligence and proper research on customers' and other users' needs and requirements does a brand stand a chance in staying ahead in the competition.


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